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Please visit our blog for more information about money, its uses, fun facts, and even pictures!


We offer free tutoring in the following subjects:

  • Math

  • Latin 

From grades  6-11

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“Financial literacy is like a language.  Learning is so much easier when kids start young and build up that knowledge year by year.  By the time they get to high school, they’re fluent.” —John Rogers


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The Wounded Warrior Project is an organization that donates all proceeds to warriors that have been wounded.  This money not only changes the lives of the wounded warriors, but also of their family.


To support our troops, click one of the shirts to direct you to a website to make an order:

We are a small group of web designers and graphic artists that work with each individual client to provide them with their bext possible web site experience. We offer high end development talent at an affordable price.


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“Ethos- We believe in equal and inherent value of all human life.  We believe that a worldview bound by borders is outdated and that stopping injustice anywhere is the responsibility of humanity everywhere.  We call this ethos the Fourth Estate.


Context- Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army have been abducting, killing, and displacing civilians in East and central Africa since 1987.  We first encountered these atrocities in northern Uganda in 2003 when we met a boy named Jacob who feared for his life and a woman named Jolly who had a vision for a better future.  Together, we promised Jacob that we would do whatever we could to stop Joseph Kony and the LRA.  Invisible Children was founded in 2004 to fulfill that promise.


Model- Invisible Children focuses exclusively on the LRA conflict through an integrated four-part model that addresses the problem in its entirety: immediate needs and long-term effects.”


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